Yet another infected computer … infected by predictable causes

Tonight, I finished working on a laptop with some nasty malware (Trojan infection, Adware, etc).  So far, in the base 7 years, a whopping 98% of the computer I have cleaned with major malware infections all have had one common thread (or rather software).

On almost every computer, I have found file sharing software.  I am not going to get into the legal and ethical side of using these applications in this post (I’ll save that for another day).  However, if people want to keep paying computer techs such as myself to clean the infections, then by all means keep using the file sharing software.  These type of programs help keep computer techs in business.  The bottom line is … when you use file sharing, you have absolutely no idea from where the files have originated and you are just hoping they are legit. If you do so on a computer that is also used for business, banking, etc, then you just asking for someone to steal your information!!!


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