Mac Malware Could Begin to Become More Prevalent

Much to the dismay of Apple Salespeople and Other Pro-Mac Extremists, the Mac O/S can be infected with Viruses, Trojans, and other types of Malware.  Mac O/S based systems have long been vaguely protected under a sort of “security by obscurity“, meaning that the relative small numbers of systems using Mac O/S compared to Windows-based PCs have kept Mac-based systems from getting attacked.  Just like terrorists, cyber-attackers want the most bang for their buck and will go after the most common operating systems. In fact, some reports have indicated that the Mac Operating System is far more insecure because it has so many security holes, but so few security counter-measures (Read this article from C|Net).

Since so many people who have purchased Mac-based systems over the past few years have bought into the myth that Macs cannot become infected, many systems are wide open to attack.  Recently, reports have been coming out that Syrian Army Hackers have been working on Mac-based trojans to attack the computers of their enemies.  Ken Westin, a Mac Expert, has released on his blog just how easy it is to infect Mac-based systems.

Its time to start taking security seriously on Mac-based computers.


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