Ex-NSA Hacker Explains how to get into Cyber Security

Interesting interview with an Ex-NSA Hacker. There is a lot of good information regarding degrees, certifications, CTFs, and Networking (for careers – not computers).https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SFbV7sTSAlA

How to completely secure an Ubuntu server


CyberPatriot Answer Form

We will use this form to submit our CyberPatriot Solutions and Penalties for future competitions.

CyberPatriot CPXIII Schedule

This is the tentative CPXIII Competition Schedule. https://www.uscyberpatriot.org/competition/current-competition/competition-schedule

National Cyber League partners with COMPTIA for CTF competitions

The National Cyber League and COMPTIA are partnering for the upcoming season of CTF competitions. Read More

Rocketry Team

Lincoln Rocketry hopes to get back to Nationals in 2021. Rocketry allows students get real world engineering experience. Currently all spots on the Rocketry Team are filled. We are currently…

PicoCTF Cyber Security Competition

Each year, Lincoln students compete with other students from across the country in Carnegie Mellon University’s picoCTF cyber security competition.

Binary Exploitation – Practice Run 1

You will need the Linux Shell for this. You also will need to know how to use the CD command to change directories and the ./ option to execute the…

Forensics – Garden

A good stegnography file analyzer will help. https://www.secsy.net/easy_stegoCTF

Cryptography – Tapping

Hmmm. Not sure if this code is still used. Some may know this code from either sounds or light flashes.