Podcast – Darknet Diaries – Project Raven

This episode deals with Cybersecurity Mercenaries.

Podcast – DarkNet Diaries – The Big House

The Big House Episode of the DarkNet Diaries

Podcast – Zain and Ransomware

This week’s podcast deals with ransomware.

Podcast – Bangladesh Bank Heist

This week’s Cyber Security Podcast from DarkNet Diaries is about the attempt at the largest ever bank robbery … The Bangladesh Bank Heist.

Podcast – Vladamir Levin

This week’s Darknet Diaries podcast is about Vladamir Levin and the first online bank robbery.

Podcast – Darknet Diaries – Jackpot

The Darknet Diaries Episode – Jackpot

Podcast – Nation State Hacker

From Darknet Diaries – Misadventures of a Nation State Hacker

Podcast – Beruit Bank Job

From Darknet Diaries, the Beruit Bank Job episode.

Podcast – AsusGate

From DarkNet Diaries – AsusGate Episode.

Podcast – TalkTalk Hack

The Darknet Diaries Episode of the TalkTalk Hack