Cyber Security: Protecting Your Data in a Dangerous Situation

Once upon a time, a student left their laptop unattended and put themself in a dangerous situation. When the student returned to her laptop, she noticed that it appeared that someone had tampered with her laptop.

She was intrigued and a little irritated. She was, however, not very worried. The student had taken BK’s CyberSecurity class and felt confident that she knew what to look for to see what might have been done on her laptop.

She looked around for files and programs that should not be there. She always kept her recycle bin empty. There was something she just did not like about having an over-flowing trashcan on her desktop. She also did not like a cluttered desktop, so she rarely kept files on her desktop.

After she noticed a few obvious suspicious items, she knew that someone Suspicious had tampered with her laptop. She jumped into action and used her Computer Management skills to take care of the Suspicious activity.

She was an only child. Because of this, she tended to not want to Share her items. Some items are OK to share, but when she looked out Windows, she did not want to share the Window. She wanted to be the only one using that Window.

Now, back to our story. The student just got finished reading an article about passwords and security. She was fascinated about how the writer talked about password policies that can protect computers by forcing complexity, lockouts, and other fun things.

As she was looking over her computer, she noticed a firetruck had stopped at the building across the street. A business was on fire! That business was attached to other businesses on either side. The fire fighters looked like they had it under control after just a few minutes. Hopefully the building had Firewalls setup to keep the flames from getting into the other businesses.

As she was getting back to work, she noticed a news story on the TV. A new virus infection had been discovered. Fortunately, scientists had defined the new virus and had already sent out updated information to the public on how to prevent and combat the new virus. This is a good thing, because if a new virus gets out there, but she did not have the Updates, she would not be able to prevent the infection.

This got her thinking. She needs to go to the clinic to get checked out. After all, what good is it for the doctors to have the new virus information if she never gets herself Scanned and Checked for the infections? So she go on her flip phone and called the clinic for an appointment.

All of these distractions made her forget to do her classwork. A classmate like to do their work in Batches and offered to create some Batches for her to use. She was wary of this. After all, you never know what might happen in Batches unless you take the time to review what is being batched together. So she decided to take some time to review the batches of information. As she was thinking about this, a BAT flew by her head in crashed into the TV.

It turns out that the animal was rabid and confused. It had flown into an open window that looked a lot like a Port hole on a ship. The building was decorated in a Naval Theme, so many of the windows in the building looked like Port holes. After looking around, she noticed that several of the Ports were open. This allowed all sorts of things to get in. Before long, the room was filled with creatures like snakes, locusts, wasps, and Marcell, Ross’ monkey. She thought to herself, someone should be checking on these open Ports and close them if they are not needed.

As she was about to call the building manager on her flip phone, she suddenly remembers that today was Saturday and that she needed to take her hairless cat to the movies. So she stuffed her notes and laptop into her backpack and flew off in her jetpack towards Switzerland.

The End.

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