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Getting Started with a home cyber lab

A home Cyber Lab is a good place to start learning Cyber Security on your own. There are hundreds of resources to be found on the web and youtube about…

Ex-NSA Hacker Explains how to get into Cyber Security

Interesting interview with an Ex-NSA Hacker. There is a lot of good information regarding degrees, certifications, CTFs, and Networking (for careers – not computers).https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SFbV7sTSAlA

pico Information – cat photo

This one seemed easy, then turned out to be more difficult than originally thought. Most people were looking for the flag in the image properties and information. However, most people…

pico Speeds and Feeds

This is is easy to overlook even if you get the code from the hint. First step, take a look at the hint. This is where doing some research on…

pico Wireshark doo do dooo do

This one is a bit more challenging and can be tedious for those who have not used Wireshark. Download the pcap file. Open Wireshark from the C:\APPS\CTF\NETWORKING folder on your…

pico Tab Tab Attack

This required me to unzip the file. Get to the final file and use the Open With option. The program to open this is bintext app in the following folder…

pico nice netcat

This one requires you to use the webshell. Remember, when using the webshell, you will need your Pico username and password. Use the Netcat command (nc) given to you in…